Privacy Policy for Putt4D

Privacy Policy for Putt4D Software

May 31, 2018

Putt4D is an app that respects your privacy and follows international best practices.

Putt4D does not collect user information nor access user phone, network, location or contacts.

The Putt4D and Rgolf Inc. websites do not collect any personally identifiable information.

Our websites may collect anonymous website usage data, such as with Google Analytics cookies.  This information is useful to improving our products and services by providing a general understanding of users’ regional location, devices and use of the websites in aggregate.

You are able to turn off the Google Analytics cookies in your browser or opt out of the service through Google’s website, if you wish.  Note that this may affect the usability of other websites and services.  Rgolf cannot offer advice in this matter and the user is responsible for doing their own research.

Putt4D users who follow and share through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, should refer to their respective privacy policies.  Rgolf does not have access to users’ personal account or identity information from the social media companies.

Rgolf does not require registration with user email addresses.  Email addresses received in correspondence will be kept private, secure and will not be shared with third-parties, unless as required for legal compliance or for internal management.  Email addresses will not be used to send unsolicited messages without prior user permission or the user option to opt-out.

Rgolf reserves the right to revise these policies in the future.  Advance notice will be given, should we do so.  If user information is required, clear notice and user opt-in will be our policy.  Our goal is to keep the Putt4D experience private and noise free.

By using this software and website you are consenting to the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy.

For questions, please email:

2000 Kraft Drive
Suite 2180
Blacksburg, Virginia  24060